I generally keep my thoughts to myself, but since my publisher warmly suggested that I establish an internet presence, I’ve taken it upon myself to share a little.   I’m not sure if this is what she had in mind.

Stuff you may want to know: The name is Weizman.  Janice Weizman.  (Once upon a time it was Segal).  I moved to Israel from Toronto when I was nineteen, and worked for several years as a social worker before exchanging  the finite horizon of the real for the dark universe of the imaginative.

I’m part of a mixed marriage – I’m an Ashkenazni Jew, and he’s Moroccan, and we have three charming and distinctive offspring.

I’m old enough to remember a time when writers were expected to do nothing except write (see my first post: Born to Early for the Revolution) and frankly, this is all a little strange for me.  The essays here are based on ideas that come to be when I’m engaged in monotonous activities, like swimming lengths or driving to work.   Since reading is an integral and rigorous part of my life, most of them are literature-related.  My tastes are self-indulgent and eclectic, often shaped by by whatever  I’m writing at the moment.  But I like to be challenged.

My historical novel, The Wayward Moon, (set in the 9th cen. Middle East) came out with Yotzeret Publishing in Aug. 2012.  It won a Gold Medal in the Independent Publishers Book Awards, and a second Gold Medal in the Midwest Publishers Awards.  For more information about the book,  my other published writing, and other writing-related activities, please see my website. 


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